About – We specialise in buying & selling diamond rings, Tiffany & Co diamond rings, Paspaley pearl jewellery, Cartier jewellery, Bvlgari Jewellery and all branded jewellery.

Sell tiffany diamond ring. sell paspaley pearl jewellery, sell bvlgari jewellery.
Our points of difference
Our advice is upfront, we won’t waste your time and will guide you in the right direction if we can’t help you.
we pay the highest cash prices for diamonds and branded jewellery. Payment is immediate.
We offer options to help you sell if the price seems too low
We offer an empathetic honest service, its not always about money as situations are personal and emotional

we offer you fine diamonds and jewellery at greatly discounted prices from retail.

Peter Michaelson has been trading in jewellery for thirty five years buying and selling diamonds, diamond jewellery, watches and fine quality branded jewellery. Peter is a gemmologist, licensed valuer, has a diploma in diamond technology and vast experience in the jewellery industry.


Please experience our magnificent jewellery and amazing service.

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